Best Time to See the Great Wildebeest Migration

Many travellers visit Tanzania to see the Serengeti’s great wildebeest migration. Linked to the rainfall, this stunning migration of thousands of wildebeest – accompanied by zebra, gazelle, eland and impala – takes place throughout the year, and follows a fairly predictable pattern, as the wildebeest are constantly seeking fresh grazing and water.

Having said that, the wildebeest migration happens all year – the migration can be found during any given month; you just need to know where to look! The question should really be about the ‘best places’ to see them during a given time of the year – and when visiting them is most enjoyable.

For more information on when and where to see the Serengeti’s great wildebeest migration, ask us about details, or click on the link below:

► Serengeti’s wildebeest migration

This map tracks the wildebeest month-by-month, and shows precisely where they are during any given time of the year. In addition, a detailed description helps to understand the Serengeti’s great wildebeest migration.